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One Red Cent - Voyage to gsteemsovia

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December 3rd, 2011

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04:08 pm - One Red Cent
You occasionally hear, in relation to some legal outcome, that the person in question “didn’t see one red cent” of the settlement money… usually because the lawyers got it all, but I digress.

Back around 2004 or 2006, give or take a few years, somebody filed a class-action lawsuit against eBay Motors over their rather costly final value fees. EBay lost the case, and back in January of this year, I got a notice in the mail that I might potentially see some amount of refund out of it, as I had sold an owner’s manual on eBay during the relevant time period. I mentally filed the whole business under “Will believe it when I see it,” and got on with my life.

Fast forward to December 2011. A few days ago, I got a letter in the mail. Against all expectation, it was a cheque! It was printed on a fancy red background and everything. It was in the amount of… drum roll, please… $0.01.

Yes, you read that correctly. There was a legal settlement and I actually did see One Red Cent from it.

My Dad reckons I should frame it.
Current Mood: Bemused

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